Biography of a Head

1985 - 2014

1 animation channel & prints.

> 1985:  Linocut Artist’s Book, produced in Baghdad, (the Literary text has been written by the artist). 
> 2014: Reproduced as an animation.

artist Statement

"These are the pages of an artist's book, which I made using linocut technique in Baghdad in
1985, when the Iraq-Iran war had the upper hand on life and death in Iraq. 
I could not publish or exhibit the work then, all I could do is to document it on a poster for
one of my exhibitions in 1989 and in an interview with me in one of the local newspapers at the time.
I here reproduce it again without any alteration on the written script nor the accompanying printed graphics, what is mainly done in the reproduction was to animate the printed lines as well as the written script in its original state with all its faults. 

I would like to say here that this Head was nothing but me, 

and that crystal body, 

made of the sunrays, 

was my dream to escape the cruelty of our existence, 

which, sadly, is a dream doomed to failure."

> Biography of a Head, Animation, 2014, duration 23:15, silent.

Selected stills

> Biography of a Head, 150x195 cm. Lambda print, Reproduced 2014 - Engraved 1985.
> Below: sellected details
© Sadik Kwaish Alfraj