For the Love of Zainab


Video installation consisting of 3 channel videos and tree leaves. 

> Dedicated to my beloved little cousin Zainab.


Artist statement 

Years as long as life,
And you're still sitting there,
Oh, Zainab,
My dear little sister,
Amongst the ruins of a shapeless city
And fruitless dreams

‎سنين بطول العمر
‎وانت تجلسين هناك
‎يا اختي الصغيره الحبيبه
‎بين انقاض مدينة فقدت ملامحها
‎واحلام لا تثمر


Video Channels

For the Love of Zainab, 3 channel videos, each 12 sec. loop, silent. 2009.

installation view

> At Seasons Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands, 2009.
© Sadik Kwaish Alfraji